Practice areas

Corporate, contracts, competition

MPD provides comprehensive legal assistance in matters concerning the establishment and functioning of companies. Our services include those related to the merger, conclusion and transformation of companies, as well as those concerned with their liquidation or bankruptcy.

Contract law
Our services in this area include the negotiation and preparation of draft contracts governing trade, services and rights connected with both the client’s business activities and their pecuniary interests.

We represent our clients in anti-monopoly proceeding related to: (i) practices limiting competition, (ii) concentration of firms, (iii) practices infringing the collective interests of consumers. We provide our legal assistance within the scope of Polish and European competition law.

Copyright and intellectual property

MPD provides legal services related to intellectual property law. Our lawyers have significant experience in the protection of copyright, neighbouring rights and industrial property rights. Our lawyers also represent their clients both in court proceedings and in negotiations with third parties in the above-mentioned areas.

Real-estate, Construction Law, Land development

The Law Office provides comprehensive legal assistance in matters related to the sale of property, including industrial real estate and other real estate allocated for business activities. Our Law Office supports development projects and represents its clients in the field of construction law. From its inception, MPD has provided services to well-known international companies and individual investors in areas relating to the acquisition and development of real estate in Poland. Our lawyers also represent former property owners and their successors in proceedings aimed at securing property nationalised after the Second World War.


Matters related to insurance form an important part of the work done by MPD. Specifically, MPD deals with the elaboration of the general terms and conditions of insurance and the different models of contracts. Our law firm has provided legal assistance to insurance companies for many years, both in the areas of personal insurance and property insurance, including insurance such as ASSISTANCE.

Labour Law

Our legal assistance to clients in the area of labour and social security law particularly concerns the negotiation of employment contracts both in Poland and in international markets. In addition, we provide up-to-date advice vis-à-vis the rights and obligations of the respective parties involved in employment relations. We prepare work rules and provide advice during employment restructuring in addition to representing our clients before the labour courts.

Press Law and media

For several years now we have assisted our clients from the press in matters related to emission, publishing and journalism. We also represent our clients before the Courts in civil and criminal cases related to press law. The comprehensive character of the legal assistance provided in this area is the reason why issues related to press law, protection of personal rights and representation of natural and legal persons in press-related criminal and civil proceedings have been some of the most important areas of MPD’s work for many years. Moreover, our experience and continuous practice in areas such as copyright law, Internet law and the protection of personal data allow us to meet the needs of our clients who carry out intermediatical ventures, and use both traditional and modern techniques and means of communication, such as printed press, Internet, radio and television.

European Law

Business law is in large part governed by European legislation, particularly in the areas of competition law, corporate law, environmental law, intellectual and industrial property law and in certain issues related to labour law. Our lawyers have significant knowledge and experience in applying European law in all areas of business law in which we provide legal assistance. We also apply the appropriate procedures before Polish courts, which may lead to the bringing of interlocutory questions to the European Court of Justice and to the European Court of First Instance.

Environment protection

Environment protection and waste disposal are areas which enterprises often have to deal with, irrespective of whether they carry out a production, commercial or service activity. Infringement of law in this area can give rise to major, financial and penal, liability. Administrative financial penalties provided by such laws as Waste Law or Used Electric Equipment Law are troublesome.

We represent our clients in administrative proceedings, proceedings before administration courts and penal proceedings related to environment protection at every stage.

This applies to procedures for the delivery of administrative permits provided by Environment Protection Law or Waste Law, proceedings startedby environment protection bodies for the withdrawal of granted permits, and proceedings related to penal provisions of law and administrative financial penalties, provided by Waste Law or Environment Protection Law, aimed at punishing or imposing an administrative financial penalty.


Since the very beginning of development of e-commerce in Poland, our law office has provided comprehensive service to enterprises.

In particular, the law office elaborates regulations for provision of e-services and clauses on privacy policy, and it checks if regulations are in compliance with law.

We offer our services to enterprises with shops on-line and check the compliance of regulations, procedures and functionalities included in the website with the provisions of law, especially with the provisions on consumer rights protection and personal data protection.

In the area of e-commerce we also pay particular attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, such as copyright or trademarks.</p>

We represent clients in disputes involving consumers and in proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection concerning infringement of consumers’ collective interests.

Inheritance Law, wills, lawful shares, contracts related to inheritance

Our law office has a long experience in dealing with inheritance cases and proceedings in Poland. It co-operates with numerous foreign law firms, which also allows it to provide comprehensive legal assistance in cases where performance of particular actions or inheritance proceedings abroad is necessary.

We offer complete legal service to our clients in cases aimed at confirmation of acquisition of inheritance, guarantee of succession, publication of a will, distribution of estate or lawful share, by representing them before Polish courts of every instance.

With an experience of over twenty years in the area of Inheritance Law, we are able to provide full legal assistance, consisting in preparation of professional and efficient documents bearing our clients’ last will, such as: wills, legacies, testamentary instructions, specific bequests.

In our practice, we also apply all kinds of devices provided by law, making it possible to settle inheritance matters without the necessity to go through long lasting and expensive proceedings. Thus, if appropriate conditions are met and if interested persons wish so, we help our clients to settle their inheritance matters in form of certification of inheritance acts, contracts of waiver of inheritance, contracts of distribution of estate, contracts and amicable agreements concerning payment of lawful share, or contracts for the sale of inheritance.

MPD Adwokaci

MPD Adwokaci
ul. Świętojerska 5/7, Warszawa
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MPD Adwokaci

ul. Świętojerska 5/7, Warszawa

(48 22) 828 14 60